We realized that there was a huge demand for high-class branding, marketing, and websites at low prices, while conventional companies cannot supply these websites at the low cost, we take a different approach. By taking an unconventional approach to this, we have been able to supply at low prices, by taking the financial risks in order to get there.

While we do supply the lower cost market by financing through equity, stocks, and down payments rather than cash up front, we still apply our original marketing methods and minimal style, but finance it by conventional methods.


Marketing Strategies

Using unconventional and original ways to market consumer products, services and companies as a whole. We apply growth hacking techniques and corner markets, by using influencers as one of the main points.

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Branding & Design

We do total branding efforts since appearances are more important than functionality in some cases, we have decided to take a more wholistic approach to the whole branding thought. We develop a persona for your business, top down, from how your support and sales teams speak to customers to the color and weight of the text on your website.

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Investments & Consulting

We invest in small startups, mainly with time and energy but also with capital.

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Christer Waters founded the company back when he was quite young, the agency is made up of freelancers that love what they do. They are also very good at it.


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