Day 12: Ego over aesthetics

I repeat the phrase “Egotistical bastard”, over and over and over and over again in my head. I believe that cover art is supposed to reflect and add onto the experience of the song itself, it is not a poster for your ego. As I receive another email, from yet another artist, wanting me to add his name, his logo, or have more focus on him in the cover art. It annoys me, but since this is “his” work, my opinion is rarely considered.

I have to love their music, even when I hate it, or else I cannot create an artwork for them. The collaboration is always going well, in the beginning at least, until we are sending the last few emails, it is in these emails, calls, and messages their ego really shows. “Can you make my name bigger”, “Can you put more focus on the logo”, “Can you make the title bigger”, I try to explain that the aesthetic of the cover art will be ruined by doing this, but their ego is bigger than you can imagine.

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