I try to talk, but Im screaming, stupid.
I will stay forever, just stay true, stupid.

You say youll be there, you never are, problem.
You can be anyone, none of them are you, problem.

I try my best to let you go, but you want to stay, always.
I try to push you away, and you push back, always.

You want me to stay, but you want me to go, scary.
You love me forever, but you hate me right now, scary.

I say I love you, you scream you love me, lies.
I sceam i hate you, you dont even answer, lies.

You tell me im wrong, i tell you your right, divided.
You say sorry, i tell you its not enough, divided.

I am so sorry.
I am so sorry.
You are so sorry.
You are so sorry.

We’ve all made mistakes.
Two wrongs dont make a right.

But it would feel nice.
To be in control, for a while.

I can fuck her too.
I can kiss her too.

You would never know.
You could never know.

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