Marketing is interesting

Throughout the span of my life, I have been interested in almost everything. Tried almost everything, and found it all to be intriguing at least for a while. I worked a lot in IT because I had an innate ability to understand the concepts, but as I got more into it I started getting annoyed with only dealing with the problems of others. There was no innovation, not done by me at least. The changes were made at the top, and getting there would take my entire life. This may be because I worked for the giant corporation called IBM. So I started pondering upon which field and Industry I should focus on going into. As I have some knowledge and interest in psychology I tried applying there, but my grades and earlier education did not support such a choice, so my application quickly got declined. I was left with a hard choice, go back and re-do my studies, and try to get better grades. Which I hated more than anything in the entire world. Not only would I have to give up a year of my finite life to memorize completely unnecessary information. Furthermore, I would have to give up my $51 000/yr salary at IBM and go to a student lifestyle. It was out of the question.

I started looking for jobs within fields and industries that I would be content, or even happy working in. There’s design, too hard, people are better at executing others’ ideas, I am good at my own. There’s web development, while I am front-end, full stack, still, there are faster, better people than me in that, I know, but not well enough. There’s project management, I am great at that, so I tried applying apparently people who are looking for project managers don’t want uneducated peasants like myself. Fuck it, marketing, I understand people, I understand tech, I can edit both pictures and videos, I am perfect. The first job I applied for in marketing I landed. I guess it was my calling.

So I landed a manager position “content marketing manager” as the title. Getting a job where I can actually enjoy myself, and utilize my vast and wide set of skills. With an assistant, in Warsaw, and with 36 000 /mo. They must have valued all my work in startups, they must have valued my background in technology, they must have valued my background in art, they must have valued my startup & business experience. This is knowledge worth sharing; what you give to the community around you, and how much you time you devote to your interests will be valuable since the business’ do value what you’ve done.

My final thoughts are, be nice, help others and always gain knowledge. Whatever happens in your life, you will still have gained a lot of knowledge along the road.

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