Saying it while I can

I cannot stand idly by as young children are brainwashed with religious dogma, anything from the extreme of child soldiers to the moronic idea of the world being six thousand years old. One may directly seem to deprive a child of its innocence, while the other (six thousand year old earth) is just like pretending the Easter bunny lays eggs. But I truly believe both are different iterations of child abuse, one directly puts a child in harms way while the other deprives a child of the truth.

A child that has been thought all these religious untruthful scriptures as real or fact, may never give them up and see the beauty of life as what it is. This child may never try to understand evolution, may never dream of becoming an astrophysicist. This may even result in us not having a collective greater understanding of the universe, merely because someones parents have a tradition of believing science.

Furthermore to impose it upon all children in school as an alternative to the real sciences, and confuse them even more, can have devastating consequences. For those that are intelligent can also hold foolish ideas close, especially those that promises infinite after-life. For to give up the idea of Adam and Eve for the theory of evolution, means grandma, mom and dad is not really in heaven, and you might not live forever.

For those that may sway towards saying religious ideology does not cause any harm, please read up on stem cell research being brought to a halt because of religious beliefs and not to forget about abortions. I have to stress the issue also, that religion is incompatible with science as long as they hold these scriptures as true and do not practice them only for spiritual reasons.

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