Spending my time

I realize that I am endlessly drifting towards philosophy, politics and rather deep thoughts, ideas and phenomenons, so I guess that my fate has been selected for me, in a sense. I will be one of the hated. The ones that are not able to shut up before they shake the very core of others’ beliefs, values and ideas, the ones that are not able to have one opinion that is only popular but rather one that may offend or disturb others, opinions based in logic and reason rather then compassion and subjective opinion.

There is little to no hate in my heart, but there is still a lot of things i despise, ignorance in any sense is one of them, that is why i find myself having to talk about religion whenever i meet one of these incredibly interesting human specimens.

“There is nothing wrong with religion” is a thing i often hear, but the ignorance is, and allowing children to be subject to such huge brainwashing is why i cannot shut up about it. It is even wrong to lie to your kids regarding santa claus, tell them the real story, teach them about the universe, make them think for themselves and treat them like humans, not kids, while doing so. That is at least me spit balling about this.

So maybe companies and public speaking is not what i should do, maybe it is podcasting my thoughts, maybe it is writing books, maybe it is making controversal movies. Who knows. But until i figure these great questions out i will continue creating art, and doing so with immense gratitude to my own intelligence.

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