“About” “me”

My work is fuelled by feelings and emotions that surround me. Art is an outlet where i try to visualize the horrid reality that we call life. No artwork is made without purpose, no artwork is made without thought, no artwork is made without close consideration, no artwork is made without reflection. Not a single brushstroke is made without an idea. Contrasts are deliberately adjusted to reflect the mood I am trying to capture in the piece. Whether that feeling is hopelessness or happiness, fear or loathing, love or lust, I do my best to capture that feeling in the piece using any format I see fit. Ideas usually stem from events in my life, and the inspirations is always music.

But it is in the eye of the viewer, the watcher, or the reader to make up their own minds about my obscure yet direct art.


I collaborate with others, regarding this you can contact [email protected]