Extreme Nationalism

In Europe, we are seeing a resurgence of the extreme nationalists with an anti-immigration sentiment. In part, we can blame the media for fear mongering to such an extent that every right leaning conservative seems to think, all Muslims are Jihadis. While the media is fear mongering, it seems as if the left has actively been trying and successfully so, to shut down the open intellectual conversation we had with the nationalist right previously. Since the media pushes a certain view, and the left is calling anyone with an opposing view (to open borders) a bigot or even racist.

Extreme Nationalists may be viewed as anomalies within western countries, but the anti-immigrant sentiment is present in a far larger group then only the extreme nationalists. I share the same fear of the extreme nationalists as I do with conservative Muslims, that these extreme ideas may get adopted by their moderate counterparts. As the ideas get adopted because of their shared hatred of left-wing media and politics, especially the immigration and even asylum parts of said media and politics. You can see the extremist nationalists band together with the moderate anti-immigration nationalists in Germany, Sweden, Greece, France, etcetera, etcetera and to some extent in the US. It seems as if the extremists have been waiting for the migrant crisis to happen, to gain more support and get a political leverage. The extremists are clearly cashing out on this issue, but that is not the part that I fear. A conservative immigration policy is not natively racist nor bigoted, but what follow suit is close to nazism, these extremists are everywhere, in every community.

As the extremists are gaining support and acceptance in the west, we also see a huge push back, while I personally support it, I also see an issue with how the left is pushing back. The extremists’ concerns are not being met by solutions but are deemed fallacies and the ones that utter them are deemed, bigots. This only makes them more vigorous in their pursuit, of no immigration at all, and the divide only gets bigger. We, as the left, needs to take the concerns of the nationalists seriously and battle them, while still opposing their bigoted beliefs, we shall not deem all their concerns as bigoted. Westerners clearly have vastly different views on how to treat women, gays, and people of opposing views. There needs to be a reform in Islam, thus there needs to be a cultural integration once they arrive. Working against ghettos. Battle the bigotry and prejudice from either end of the spectrum. The left seems to have missed this, and instead of promoting this idea of reform and integration we have been fighting the extreme nationalists on the idea of immigration, not the specifics. While we possibly may never change their stance on immigration, we can change their view on how to best integrate immigrants and deal with the crisis. Not to say we should not have counter protests, we always should counter protest.

How can the left, in general, oppose these anomalies of extremes within our own community by saying there aren’t any in the immigrants or to even say they won’t be as outspoken?

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