My dream world

Yes, I do live in somewhat of a bubble, I dream of the perfect world and impose my views of how society should work onto anyone who might want to listen. Even onto those with archaic views of the world and how its core functions should be. I wish the world would work a certain way it does not currently do, and therefore I am forced to find ways in which we can come to a society where we are all color blind and without prejudice. But to use my, sometimes named, privelege as an argument against me, and furthermore to refute my arguments with this aforementioned privilege, is not sound nor logical. I have certain views of which the world should function and work. Just because I live in a highly functioning society here in Norway does not mean i cannot understand or at least have an opinion on how to better the general state of global society as a whole

The fact that I do live in a highly functional society points to quite the contrary of ignorance, I know first hand the beauties of living in a liberal and open society. Therefore i might be the best equipped to comment on and to give advice regarding the road to this state of bliss and beauty. Even though things are not all flowers and butterflies, though it may seem like that, we have to cross a few lakes ourselves here in Norway, but we are moving in the general direction of well-being for all. We did also endure quite a lot of awkwardness in the pre-oil society [1], but with the currency gifts we thrived and prospered.

Furthermore, I would like to point out that you can have the solutions to issues even though you have not personally experienced them first hand. I believe as long as you are well read on a topic you can have a good idea of how it must feel or what may be the solutions to issues. I will not make to many arguments to why this is true, but I will point to psychologists that are well read on different depressions and can help treat, if not give advice someone that has not endured the pains of a person suffering from depressions have.

So I will continue to read and comment on all issues and topics I find interesting even though i have not experienced any of it first hand. I will continue to try to understand the impact of decisions and how we could make it to the best state possible on a global scale.

In May 1963, Norway asserted sovereign rights over natural resources in its sector of the North Sea. Exploration started on 19 July 1966, when Ocean Traveler drilled its first well. Initial exploration was fruitless, until Ocean Viking found oil on 21 August 1969. By the end of 1969, it was clear that there were large oil and gas reserves in the North Sea. The first oil field was Ekofisk, produced 427,442 barrels (67,957.8 m3) of crude in 1980. Since then, large natural gas reserves have also been discovered.

Against the backdrop of the Norwegian referendum to not join the European Union, the Norwegian Ministry of Industry, headed by Ola Skjåk Bræk moved quickly to establish a national energy policy. Norway decided to stay out of OPEC, keep its own energy prices in line with world markets, and spend the revenue – known as the “currency gift” – wisely. The Norwegian government established its own oil company, Statoil, and awarded drilling and production rights to Norsk Hydro and the newly formed Saga Petroleum.

– Wikipedia/ Economy of Norway

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