New corporate era

For a long time there was this thought that starting a company was hard work and lots of manual labour, but today we are able to automate and utilize “AI” and big data to do most of the heavy lifting. I have now started on a trail down memory lane, to when i was 13 and wrote something close to a business plan for a fully automatic smart house idea and i am going to apply the same ideas onto companies.

Why should every small company have to do social media? why should every small company have to write a blog? Why not just set up a system where they can automate all of this through my company?

That is where I’ve ended up. So Today I am starting a series on how im going to set up this company and try to walk you through how im going to do it without hiring a bunch of people or spending horrific amounts on lawyers etc. I will try to program some features myself, but i am not even close to a novice one, so i probably have to hire people for most of this work. But we are going to end up with a service that is close to Squarespace but radically different at the same time. I will partner with other companies to do most of the heavy lifting while i keep an eye on the target, thinking ahead and getting customers.

The growth period will be long, this is a long game not a get rich quick scheme.

The company will stay the same with only 1 employee.

Wish me the best of luck.

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