Between War and Peace: Lessons from Afghanistan to Iraq

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In his acclaimed collection An Autumn of War, the student and military historian Victor Davis Hanson expressed powerful and provocative views of September 11 and the following war in Afghanistan. Now, in these challenging new essays, he examines the arena’s ongoing war on terrorism, from The usa to Iraq, from Europe to Israel, and beyond.

In direct language, Hanson portrays an The usa making progress against Islamic fundamentalism but hampered by the self-hatred of elite academics at home and the cynical self-interest of allies in another country. He sees a new and urgent struggle of evil against good, one that may fail provided that “we convince ourselves that our enemies fight as a result of something we, relatively than they, did.”

Whether it’s a clear-cut defense of Israel as a secular democracy, a denunciation of how the U.N. undermines the U.S., a plea to drastically alter our alliance with Saudi Arabia, or a perception that postwar Iraq is reaching a dangerous tipping point, Hanson’s arguments have the shock of candor and the fireplace of conviction.
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