Races are stupid

Whilst there seems to be an agreement that race truly does exist, both from racists, leftists, and the right, I must question the theory of what race truly is. Since there does not seem to be an agreement to what that may be. The racists seem to include culture and actions as a part of the race, that I cannot agree with, while you can generalize, you must not do so whenever possible. Some things are merely correlatable not causational. The leftists do the same, while they seem to defend the culture of said races and deem the generalizations to be wrong, they are also in agreement that it is a part of the proposed races. I myself ask the question then, is a race merely the skin color and other visual distinctions? If it is so, can someone then change their race by changing their appearance one way or another? If this is the definition, we can be in agreement.

But once you start giving race certain arbitrary traits, which may be correlatable, but not causing factors, you are ignorant to statistics. This is why I do oppose both talking about races as we do today. Where some vague kind of identity is added to the race in question, while there are many in said races that do not have these traits and many in others that do. Some have made it their cause to defend certain racial cultures and say that they can only be enjoyed, or at least produced and promoted by, the race that they see as the inventor. By this poor logic, a programmer shall never be a brown person, since the whiter people are the inventors. Just as a white woman should never make a taco, or wear an African dress.

I also oppose calling myself white, or another man black, or yellow for that matter. This has happened in the later years, after trying to actually understand races. First and foremost, no one is either of the aforementioned colors, whilst some skew more towards black, white or yellow, no one truly is either. It is hard to refrain from saying such terms while discussing the issue of race, and the main issue is having a race in the current state it is, therefore I try not to discuss race too much, and if I do, I always try to center it around the discussion of what race really is.

As a last thought, or comment, on the matter of race. I do hate racism, but more the mere concept of race. Nothing really productive comes from it, and until I am proven wrong on this, I will oppose the concept as a whole. Inherently I will oppose the protection of race as well as the hatred of one.

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