Spiraling Stupidity

There is a phenomenon that I cannot name anything but spiraling stupidity, when people choose to spend their time dumbing themselves down until their IQ hits the bottom of the barrel and they can sit and enjoy tv shows with no substance, and look up to idols that they could easily be themselves, not something to aspire to or work towards.

You feel good when listening to stupid music, reading tweets with no substance and looking at half-way naked women. While there may not be anything directly wrong with these acts, or choices, there is a lack of substance, you do not grow as a person, no, rather your stupidity grows inside you. You immediately stop pondering about the bigger questions in life, it is an escape from death, but in escaping the thought of death you also kill off the great thing that is life, and science.

This is not only sad, but rather alarming, you can easily drift through life without having a single thought of substance. You start complaining about things, more then you have deep conversations about the universe, you end up complaining about others’ complaints. You create wars with friends that have no purpose, you make enemies for no reason, and you escape the boredom of this life with drugs and alcohol.

I am not advocating not escaping life with drugs and alcohol, but i am trying my best to promote filling your life with deep thoughts about your fears and doubts about the universe. Rather then trying to escape from these “existential crisis'” that i often hear about, try to understand them.

Meditate, finger-paint, and think deeply. Best of luck.

PS: If you need to watch some tv show, watch Cosmos, or a documentary. Do not give in to the stupidity of jersey shore clones and pretty little liars.

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