Worst behaviour

I will not display weakness. I will not come short. I do not want the tiny upside down person centered in your pupil, to look nor feel anxious. He is strong. He is not to seem doubtful or sad. He thinks of how to act carefully, the reflection of me is all you can see, I am the one who gets to decide what you fill the blank canvas that is me is. I choose who I am in your eyes. I judge a lot, myself the most, I judge myself enough. You do not have to, but you do the second the little upside down me, fills your hazelnut-brown eyes. The light that strikes my face and creates shadow, color and the illusion that is me, as the rays bounce of me and hit your pupil, the image of me on your retina is created, it is only then i exist. All the memories, good and bad, melt together, they fill the canvas, the final image is the only “me” that really exist, not the one I thought I was, maybe it is not even close, but it is one of many iterations.

As I look at my self in the mirror, i reflect over the mere reflection of me. I reflect over the past, the future and the present. All the little upside down people that is projected onto the peoples’ retinas that matter to me. I am aware of self, I recently started loving myself more, after I worked on myself. Self love is one thing, but self awareness is incredibly important for the self love to be preserved. You can die a dick, or you can have personal revelations followed with personal revolutions. For the projection of me onto your retina to be loved by myself I have no choice but to reflect, I have to know where I lack, and everything I could get better at. I have deep love for me, only because I know me. I know who you see, to a certain degree. I can live the little man, even though i struggle with the man in the mirror at times. What i see is irrelevant, it is without purpose or meaning, I am no one, I am only who you see.

If you only practice self love you only love the illusion of self, not the self your peers see, feel and know. To preface this I should also make the point that you should select those peers very carefully, for if they judge you based on material or completely pointless characteristics such as breast size or even how promiscuous you are get out of that friendship.

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